How to make the most of the big beard trend

How to make the most of the big beard trend

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The popularity of the men’s facial hair trend of big bushy beards has been rising for the past few years. In 2017, the vogue for many top stylists is to showcase a full beard in numerous ways. Men of all ages are deeply influenced by this trend and you may find dozens of facial hair styles adopted by the hottest celebrities and laymen equally. While this has brought almost every other man in love with the full beard, the fact remains that very few manage to pull it off along in a stylish manner, rather ending up looking like a messy hipster!

Here are some very important things to keep in mind if you are determined to grow that full beard whilst still looking your best.


· Let it grow; without any unnecessary trimming or styling. Let your beard grow for a month or more. This will give your facial hair a full chance to come out and reach to its natural length and thickness.

· Keep it clean. Wash your facial hair regularly, cleanse and rinse it to prevent any itchiness or skin allergies.

· Pat it dry. Avoid rubbing and being harsh in wiping it as it may cause extra frizz and dryness.

· Moisturize it. Yes moisturizing your beard is as important as it is for your skin. You can use any beard oil available on the market for this purpose.

· Fuel it up! If you are determined to grow a full healthy beard than adding a multivitamin tablet to your regular meal will increase your chances of success. You can consult with your doctor for a suitable recommendation.

· Comb it. You should use a wide- toothed comb for it, such as an afro comb. It will increase the blood circulation and growth potential.

After following the basic rules and growing a full healthy beard you have stepped into the crucial level; trimming your fully grown stubble, tidying up the cheeks and neck, choosing a best-suited beard style according to your face structure. There are numerous beard style and shape options available. Here are some tips to get the best full beard look possible.

· The first and foremost option is to visit a barbershop and start with an expert opinion about how to style your full beard. Once a masterly hands start the trimming and styling it can well define and characterize your overall and give you the perfect starting point.

· Try to maintain a neatly trimmed, relevant and high quality groomed look. Frequently changing your attitude or style regarding your beard gets messy and might play havoc with your personality!

· The longer beard you grow, the longer your face will look. So, it’s better to keep it to just the right and manageable length. In short, the length and style of the full beard must compliment your face shape and personality.

Now, that you have achieved the desired full bearded, manly look, here are some further tips to take this ultimate stylish look to the next level.

What to wear with a full beard to ensure you are irresistible?

The general rule of selecting the right outfits for the right occasion also works here. That means you must be careful about contrasting colours and using the right shades to enhance your facial hair style. Darker men can wear lighter shades to highlight their stubble. Whereas those who are lighter will find that more colour depth with show off their Vandyke with more panache.

The last and most straightforward tip is no matter what style of beard you choose and what outfits are in your wardrobe, you must wear your bristles with confidence and shine out of from crowd.

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By Nosheen Tanveer