Abarth Owners Club Summer BBQ at The Sharnbrook

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Today saw the rain drenched, 1st annual, Abarth Owners Club Summer BBQ at the home of #petrolheadonism, The Sharnbrook Hotel in Bedfordshire. With a colourful display of Fiat Abarths decorating the lawn and the many owners meandering around comparing spec, the sleepy village came alive with the sound of revving engines and the sight of shiny Abarth badges. The great British summer weather was unfortunate, however, with the usual English aplomb it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Men’s Stuff reporter Lena and photographer Paul were there to witness the beauty that is a sea of Abarths.

Abarth owners are very loyal to the brand and clearly adore their cars, from the 500 to the Spider, all were lovingly looked after and the owners are always happy to talk about their love for their cars. One owner, singer/songwriter and founder of Hyamm Attire, @jordanhyams even invited @dylan_supercar_dude to sit and chill out in his 595.

After the delicious BBQ provided by The Sharnbrook and of course the photo ops, the owners took their zippy little cars on a cruise along country roads from Sharnbrook to St. Neots. As with all the #petrolheadonism events run by Ciro Ciampi and his team, it was a fabulous day.